Get the best out of photovoltaic systems with module inverters

To operate a photovoltaic system, you need an inverter that converts the direct current supplied by the system into alternating current. The alternating current can be used directly for a wide variety of household appliances or lighting, or it can be fed into the public grid. When selecting suitable inverters, you can choose between a conventional inverter and a module inverter. In many cases, module inverters are preferred because they have some advantages over classic products.

Advantages and properties of the module inverters

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Module inverters are able to optimally control the power for each individual solar module within a system. They are particularly effective when the system is exposed to frequent changes in light and shade. A controller that addresses all modules at the same time could only react to the change to a limited extent. The result would be power losses and a reduced energy yield.

Module inverters can be compared to the string inverters that have been commonly used up to now. They practically work according to the same principle, except that even smaller units are connected to the respective inverter. The module inverters are mounted directly behind the solar panels. From there, they control each module individually depending on the incident light.

This system is suitable for smaller and mobile systems. Here it often depends on every kilowatt hour that you want to gain with the technology. In addition, the installation sites are not always optimal to ensure continuous exposure to the sun. For example, in the case of smaller systems, trees standing close to the system or structures opposite can cast shadows for a few hours of the day or on individual areas of the system. Mobile devices that are mounted on the roof of a vehicle have to be able to cope with strongly changing angles of incidence and light intensities while driving.

Micro inverters are ideally suited for particularly small systems. The micro-inverters hardly take up any space and give the system an important advantage in terms of weight.

Advantages of using module inverters

The advantages of the module inverters come into play up to a certain system size and in mobile applications:

  • mobile use of the solar system
  • system can be wired directly via AC
  • smaller design and easier assembly
  • only half as much material as with conventional systems
  • cheap price

Module inverters are not so well suited for larger systems. Due to the many components, more errors can occur. This makes assembly and repairs to the inverters more complex. High-end inverters with MPP trackers are more efficient than micro-inverters. From a certain system size, it is therefore no longer worthwhile to install micro-inverters for cost reasons. Retrofitting requires a high level of installation effort.

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Where can micro-inverters be used?

Micro inverters or micro inverters are well suited for installation in mini PV systems. These systems are operated, for example, in allotment gardens, on campsites or in huts that have no access to the electricity grid. They are worthwhile for use under partially shaded areas. With angled roof structures, it is often unavoidable that partial shading occurs. Module inverters balance the differences elegantly and cost-effectively. If you want to use the entire roof area for a PV system, you often have different roof orientations. The use of module inverters is also worthwhile here. A self-sufficient power supply brings the maximum yield at any location if it is operated with module inverters.

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