About SecondSol

In this article, all questions about Europe's largest online marketplace "SecondSol" are clarified.

SecondSol - The company

SecondSol as a company consists of different parts. On the one hand, SecondSol is a large online marketplace for photovoltaic products. On the other hand, SecondSol itself is a dealer specializing in PV spare parts. It becomes easier to understand if you compare Amazon and eBay classifieds, for example. Amazon itself represents a large online platform that allows sellers to present and sell their products to potential buyers. In addition, however, there are items that are sold directly by Amazon as a retailer on their own platform. Basically, SecondSol works the same way. With the difference that SecondSol only deals with PV products and, similar to eBay classifieds, you can find not only new but also used items.

SecondSol as a marketplace

As already mentioned, SecondSol is the largest online marketplace for solar products and their services in Europe. The marketplace enables different users to get in touch with each other. Both private and commercial sellers can place their products and make them visible on the marketplace. Users who are looking for certain products can buy them from other users. The providers act independently, which is why only they, can provide information on prices, shipping, availability and payment.

SecondSol as a dealer

As a retailer, SecondSol also offers products. Thus, SecondSol also acts as a provider (seller) on the marketplace and specializes in trading special PV spare parts. If you are interested in a product that SecondSol sells, the purchase procedure is exactly the same as with our regular sellers. You can see whether it is a SecondSol product in the individual product advertisement under "Information on the seller".

SecondSol and the blog

This blog is maintained as part of SecondSol GmbH. It is not directly connected to the marketplace or to SecondSol as a dealer, but is to be regarded as independent. Under the main categories "PV systems", "Solar modules", "Inverters" and "Storage" a wide variety of topics and questions are clarified, which may contain links to the SecondSol Marketplace homepage, among other things. There is also the “SecondSol” tab, which deals with questions and topics related to the platform/retailer.