The great advantage of photovoltaic systems is their storage capacity, which makes it possible to collect excess electricity in batteries, then feed it into the public grid and have it reimbursed. If…
Inverters are the be-all and end-all of every solar system, because they convert the direct current generated in the solar modules into alternating current and make it usable for your own household…

Recycling and disposal of photovoltaic modules

  • Solar modules
  • Recycling
  • Disposal
Taking back and recycling old photovoltaic modules, inverters and all other components after damage, the end of a photovoltaic system's service life or its repowering is a major issue. Here you can…

Solar module replica – a good alternative

  • Replica
  • Solar modules
  • Repair
  • Error patterns
Solar modules can fail for various reasons. Whether broken glass after hail or storm, defective bypass diodes and junction boxes after lightning and overvoltage or simply problems such as PID…


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