Solar module replica – a good alternative

Solar modules can fail for various reasons. Whether broken glass after hail or storm, defective bypass diodes and junction boxes after lightning and overvoltage or simply problems such as PID, delamination, hotspots, yellowing and browning. In most cases, the affected solar modules need to be replaced. But what if the necessary replacement modules are no longer available? Then the solar module replica is a good alternative to the originals.

Solar module replica - Individually manufactured for your PV system

There is a large number of photovoltaic modules on the market. In addition to external features such as size, color and frame height, they also differ in their technical features such as performance, current and voltage.

A solar module replica must therefore always meet various requirements. If it is important for the operator that the replica modules match the others, especially visually, the technician first pays attention to the technical parameters. A replica module can only be integrated into the system if these fit. The advantage of replicating is that both parameters are taken into account.

Photovoltaic modules differ fundamentally in the following points:

  • power / wattage
  • number of solar cells
  • type of solar cells (mono / poly)
  • color of the back (e.g. white, black or transparent)
  • size (length / width / height)
  • framed or unframed (frameless / laminate)
  • type of module frame (powder-coated or bare aluminum)

Replica PV modules are good copies of the original

The basis for the replica / special construction of PV modules are primarily the electrical properties of the original module. The technical values such as power, current and voltage are taken as starting values for the replica / special construction. So it is later easily possible to integrate the new photovoltaic module in the string to the others.

In addition to the technical values, care is also taken to ensure that the size of the modules fits perfectly and that the height of the frame is correct, because this is the only way the module can later be attached to the mounting frame.

Depending on which cell type is used in the old module, we try to replicate the type of solar cells in the replica module in terms of size, type and color. Especially with very old modules with 4 inch or 5 inch cells, there can be supply bottlenecks and modern solar cells are used for the replica PV modules. In the end, the solar cells used also determine the geometry of the replica modules. In individual cases, there can always be deviations from the original module.