3 Winter tips for your photovoltaic system

To ensure that your photovoltaic system survives the winter without damage, here are a few tips on how to protect your system from snow and ice.


1. PV check before winter

Before winter, have your photovoltaic system checked to ensure that it is in good condition. You should make sure that the cabling, all modules and the module clamps are correctly and firmly attached. If there are any defects, ensure that they are in proper condition to enable optimum winter operation. Only then a photovoltaic system can safely survive the snow and ice season. Don't have a solar installer who can check your PV system? You can find an overview of installers in our business directory.


2. Snow removal from the system

If the modules are full of snow, the photovoltaic system produces no electricity. But that is not the biggest problem. If the snow load is too heavy, it can cause problems with the statics. It is therefore recommended to remove the snow load from the modules. In addition to sprays and salts to remove the snow from the system, a traditional shovel and broom can also be used. But please be careful, as this can scratch and damage the modules.

However, your health is much more important than a broken system or defective modules. Therefore, always pay attention to your personal safety or use professional service providers if necessary. You can find an overview of cleaning companies in our business directory.


3. PV check after the winter

After the winter, check whether your photovoltaic system is still in good condition. Are all cables still in place or are module clamps loose? If photovoltaic modules were damaged during the winter, e.g. by snow clearing work, you are guaranteed to find suitable replacements on our marketplace in the new year.